Happy. Free. confused. and lonely at the same time

I LOVE Taylor Swift. She is amazing in every way possible. I was enchanted to see Taylor Swift on April 10, 2013. Best day ever.


i want a new taylor music video


Who is this Ben guy. Why does he know so much about Taylor’s new album

"She is an extraordinary star. I did an entire 60 page with her in 8 hours, not many people can do that, so big fan of hers."

World Renowned Photographer Nigel Barker onTaylor Swift (x)

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"I live in London so it would be rude not to go and she always has guests at shows. She had me, Ellie Goulding, Sam Smith, Emile Sande and Danny from The Script. It was pretty much, ‘I need a guest at a show, do you want to do it?’ ‘Yeah, cool.’ No, [I wouldn’t have been miffed if she hadn’t invited me]. It’s her show, she can do what she wants to. I wouldn’t be annoyed. I’ve seen the show 66 times. 67 times now."

Ed Sheeran on making a surprise appearance at one of Taylor Swift’s London shows x (via redprincess)

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"That Taylor Swift song, You Belong With Me, oh my god, when it comes on the radio, I sing it so loud, and I am so embarrassed… because I so freely sing it so loud. You can’t help it. It’s not a bad song, its a great song, its because its very whimsical in a way where Im not very whimsical every day. So when the song comes on, I just get this release, and want to sing it. Every woman feels that way. So, I didn’t mean that in a bad way Taylor, I think you are lovely and you are a lovely song writer."

Lady Gaga, on her ‘guilty pleasure’ song (x). (via feariess)

(via feariess)